Sherry Read

HR Consulting

Strategic Human Resource Consulting

Sherry L. Read combines over 25 years of industrial experience with 9 years at senior level Human Resources positions in finding solutions to leadership and business issues. Based in Wilmington, Delaware, with 6 years of Asia Pacific experience, she is recognized for her insights into how to influence and lead in global and virtual environments and for the development of leadership competencies in high change environments.

From her education and early experience in leading process improvement initiatives during the days of Deming and Total Quality Management, Sherry has combined her process background, HR experience and coaching focus to deliver a unique perspective on cultural transformations. She believes that the current economy brings unique challenges to the workplace from how do we balance speed with thoughtfulness, how do we encourage innovation whilst delivering consistency to customers and employees and how do we foster collaboration and get the most from individuals. From these challenges, she works with senior leaders to bring about sustainable systems and structures that are culturally appropriate and designed for continuous innovation. She has a keen interest in leadership practices and HR systems that support lean thinking in every organization.

Sample projects include:

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